Sunday, October 3, 2010

' Last wish ' -Wasif Ahmad

Walking astray,
I stroll my path- my way.
The amber that hangs over my head-
Its the sheet I'd lead.
Crying, I still follow.
My steps- hollow.
My lips- dry.
Devil's sly,
watch my back as I go
over the unforeseen,
ever so slow.
I stumble over the stones to kiss;
like a dead man's last wish.
Yet, like the unlike,
perhaps this time through-
I wish to crossover too.
In a timeless binding,
In an endless hope,
In an anticipation
of renew and growth.
I am dead as I could be;
I am alive as I should be.
I sense nothing, but see;
I wish nothing, but plead,
while walking astray,
I stroll my path- my way.

                                                                      - Wasif Ahmad


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