Friday, October 1, 2010

'Reflections' -Wasif Ahmad

I asked him,
in the silence of the whispers,
in cold eeriness of the unknown,
Of 'what' I am?
He rocked in his chair
smoked his death,
and spoke nil.
Assuming a neglected kin.
I stepped a foot ahead,
asked yet aloud,
'Am I not merry?'
still silence smiled in victory-
'Let it be'
I could melt to tears
just as I should be,
caring none as such-
of a failure of 'he'.
I could soar with laughter,
but suits not me.
Fetters on feet pull along,
playing an elegy- a mournful song.
Move now,
yet death is passe.
My wish, my illusion...
Help me,
Plead I.
He rose up-
as I saw myself rising.
And said he-
'Life's a reflection,
and so are you.'

                                                                       -Wasif Ahmad


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