Monday, October 11, 2010

Paintings- Lost & Found

This painting by Leonardo da Vinci was stolen on 21st August, 1911.
It was again returned to Louvre museum, Paris back on 30th December, 1913.
The robbers were caught while making dealings with buyers.


Thirteen works by Vermeer, Rembrant and Manet were stolen from the museum. Many of the works have not been retrieved. The frames of those paintings still hang empty as a reminder of the theft. 
The theft took place on 18th March, 1990. Above is the painting by Rembrant.


Two thieves broke in through the roof of the museum in Amsterdam and stole two paintings by Van Gough. Dutch police convicted two men in December 2003, but did not recover the paintings. 


Thieves managed to evade CCTV cameras, alarms and 24-hour patrols to snatch the paintings (including above by Picasso). They were found the next day rolled into a tube that had been stuffed behind a public toilet. A note was attached claiming the motive was to highlight poor security in the gallery. 
The theft took place in April 2003.


Two men joined a public tour of the Duke of Buccleuch's home before overpowering a guide and snatching the painting. The painting was recovered on Oct. 4, 2007, when police raided the premises of Glasgow law firm Boyds. No one has been charged with its theft. 
The theft took place in August 2003.


 Two paintings including "The scream" were stolen by three men in a daylight raid. The paintings were recovered nearly two years later. In February 1994, four men stole another version of the famous painting. It was recovered on May 7, 1994. The theft took place in August 2004.


 Two Picasso paintings and a drawing were stolen from home of the artist's granddaughter in an overnight robbery. Police later recovered the art when the thieves tried to sell it. 
The theft took place in February 2007.


 A painting by Pablo Picasso valued, along with one by Brazilian artist Candido Portinari valued at $5 million to $6 million, were stolen by three burglars using a crowbar and a car jack. The paintings were later found. 
The theft took place in December 2007.


A lone thief stole five paintings in a brazen overnight heist, including the above by Picasso.
This is a recent theft which occurred on 10th May, 2010.


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