Monday, October 4, 2010

' Neela ' -An AJK MCRC production

'Neela' (eng: Blue) can be said to have derived its essence as the title of the above Audio Visual in context of the english phrase, 'to beat black and blue', where the 'blue' represents the aftermarks of the harsh beating, and in this case the aftermath of a traumatic past.

The story revolves around a girl (the girl is probably Delhi born and has a boyfriend), who is shown to have a procastinated approach toward life, meaning which she tends to accumilate her happiness for a time in the near future and does not in any way would like to cash it for the present day.

This is a 3minute AV, showing in broader spectrum of how lives can tend to take a different turn if our past keeps on haunting our present and the directors compel us to think, 'Kya yeh Chahana hai ?'
A good take on the concept. 


Sana Ahmad
Smriti Dewan
Shailendra Sahu



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